Whidbey Affordable Spa Day shower steamers

by Ritual Mischief


These are not currently available for shipping. Locals you can purchase online and pick them up at the Ritual Mischief herbal studio in Langley or purchase these directly from us at the makers markets and farmers markets we attend.

New for 2024! Place one shower steamer tablet on the floor of your shower for an uplifting (bergamot, sweet orange, grapefruit) and grounding and dreamy (mugwort) spa day experience—scented steam as you shower! Unlike many other shower steamers, these are made with as many people- and earth-loving ingredients as we could find and get into them, including our own Whidbey-grown ground mugwort because we’re hoping you won’t just pamper yourself but that you’ll dream about pampering yourself too! The shower steamers are strong--so please read the instructions and warning below before using. 

Instructions for use: Place one shower steamer tablet on the shower floor away from the direct stream of the water. Allow the steamer to get somewhat wet, until you have the scent you'd like in the steam. You can then either 1) shower as normal, inhaling steam, as normal--allowing the tablet to dissolve as you shower, or 2) set the tablet up out of the water to save it for an additional use, allowing it to dry before the next use. Formulated for adults, not for children. These work best in enclosed showers.

WARNING: Keep tablet away from eyes. This not a bath bomb. Do not use this for taking a bath in a bathtub. Place one tablet on the shower floor only--for dissolving at your feet. Keep out of reach of children. Seek immediate medical attention if accidentally swallowed. If the skin on your feet is extra sensitive for any reason, don't use these.

Ingredients: Baking soda (food grade, aluminum free sodium bicarbonate), citric acid (food grade, non-GMO), cornstarch (food grade), Whidbey-grown ground mugwort from Ritual Mischief’s garden, pinch of yellow clay, essential oils (bergamot, sweet orange, and grapefruit), witch hazel.   

Size/container: Shower steamers are hand made in small batches and are roughly 2 ounces each. We sell these as 4-packs in a recyclable, compostable recycled paper pulp box. See the Packaging page of this website for more details about packaging. 

Medical Disclaimer: Consult your medical professional if you're pregnant or breastfeeding before using this shower steamer. To make well-informed decisions for yourself, seek the guidance of your qualified health professional, such your medical doctor, nurse practitioner, naturopathic physician, and/or clinical herbalist with questions regarding your medical conditions, dosage information, and possible ingredient interactions with prescription drugs. This is especially important if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescription drugs, have a chronic disease or any chronic health concern, if you have allergies, or if you have never touched, worked with, or used products with these plants in them before. The information on this page is for general reference for further exploration and study. It is not intended as a replacement for professional medical advice. See the Medical Disclaimer page of this website for more details.

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