We're being as environmentally conscious as we can think to be. And, we aspire to learn more and get a little better every year!

At the moment, we use:

  • Food-safe, compostable paper bags and a small paper label to wrap the soaps, shampoo bars, dish soap bars, and dog shampoo bars. Out of the Ritual Mischief studio itself, we also sell these items bare naked (no packaging), and you are welcome to request no packaging when you order online. 
  • Food-safe, reusable metal tins from a local supplier to hold the lotion bars, salves, balms, and lip balms. The salves, balms, and lip balm containers have screw-top lids so the lid doesn't easily slide off if it lives in your purse or backpack for a while. The lotion bar has a slip-off lid, and given that it melts easily at body temperature, it should never be stored in a purse or backpack.
  • Glass bottles with metal tops from a local supplier to hold the body and massage oils. We have one large batch of 2-oz pump tops (plastic tops) that we're using up and don't intend to order again. We're moving to zero single-use plastic. We also offer half-price refills of oils to locals to encourage reuse of glass bottles.
  • A small paper square with product info accompanies the dried plant offerings (sleep and dream pillows, sachets, and closet bags). This year we're working with a local maker to create the linen bags for the sleep and dream pillows. 
  • The locally made western red cedar soap rest and body and dish scrubbies have no packaging at all.
  • We use recycled cardboard boxes and wood wool for shipping our products. We use recycled paper bags to carry away products in for those who shop in the herbal studio. We use recycled-materials tissue paper for gifts and gift sets. More than half the people who shop at our studio bring their own bags--so we don't have to use a paper bag at all--because south Whidbey totally rocks!