Herbal Studio Hours & Location

Herbal studio hours change by season. From June through August they are by appointment or just stop by—if we’re home, we’re open! 

  • Text or call Lori at 206-805-9978 and visit 7 days a week, at your convenience, by appointment.
  • Take a chance and stop by if you’re in the neighborhood--if we’re home, we’re open! We love pop-in company! Ideally between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm.

The herbal studio is at 4683 Tompkins Road, Langley—follow the signs in the driveway through the gate and around the front of house then back to the herbal studio.

Other options:

  • FlyingBear Farm in Langley carries most of our offerings. They’re just four long country blocks down the hill from us, and open most days. Our friends at Bayview Garden also carry many of our offerings. Reboot Center in Freeland will be carrying some of our offerings soon. Sometimes Madronna Supply has a few of our things. And on the mainland, Shorelake Arts Gallery in Town Center at Lake Forest Park (down below Third Place Books) carries a variety of our offerings as well.
  • Order our products online. If you're local, chose the Pick Up option at check out to save on shipping. I'll then reach out and arrange for you to come pick up your order at a convenient time for you.
  • On some Saturdays and Sundays, you can catch us at local makers markets. Sign up for our email newsletter or follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see what markets we'll be at this year.

We're herbalists and makers and gardeners and foragers and home canners and poets and essayists and photographers and occaisional workshop and market hosts--we're not shop keepers. But, we do have a lovely herbal studio, and we LOVE people popping by to visit. Feel free to visit no matter what emotional state you happen to be in. We all love to laugh and learn together here, and Lori loves to cry and sit with anger and rage with people too. Because we're led by the forests, fields, and plants themselves, our herbal studio open hours have to vary by season and by month, depending on what we're growing and gathering and making. :-)