Love You lotion bar (Whidbey calendula, lilacs, & roses)

by Silly Dog Studios


This moisturizing, lightly floral-scented lotion bar is for humans who want to feel more love and/or who want say "I love you" to other people in their lives via a lotion bar. :-) 

Calendula loves human skin deeply. Wild rose buds and petals do too, plus they connect us to a larger, older, deeply grounded love--that of the land here and the animals, insects, woods, and human ancestors who walked here before us. Lilacs hold deep personal memories for me--they remind me of the generous love offered by own Mom, grandmothers, aunts, and sister, and they bring out more love for myself and others from within me. This makes the bar infused with love, whether or not lilacs are personally meaningful for you. I am convinced that these three flowers together help surface the love within us and help remind us that love is within us, within our ancestors, and within the land in all directions around us  

The Love You lotion bar is made with ethically gathered Whidbey wild rose petals, buds, and new leaves, plus our own calendula flowers, and our generous friends’ lilac flowers all infused in olive oil for 6 to 10 weeks, plus shea butter, organic coconut oil, and local beeswax. I sprinkle a little of our own dried calendula petals, crushed dried rose petals, and dried lilac flowers over the top, too, which makes them smell even better and look beautiful. I sing songs of love while I make them, which matters deeply to me and doesn’t need to matter to you. :-)

The name of this lotion bar came directly from my Mom. She's lived well with Alzheimer's disease for 22 years now. She hasn’t been able to speak for years, but the spoken words "Love You" light up her eyes, just like always. She communicates plenty still. The light and sparkle in her eyes says, Love You, Too. I'd bet my life on it.    

To use: Warm the bar between your palms/hands until the bar begins to melt. Then, rub into your skin like regular body lotion. This will take longer in cold winter months and less time in warm summer months, because both the local environment and your body are important parts of the whole.

Know that somebody loves you. And if you count all the wise souls around you like we do--the land, the trees, the birds in the trees, the pets on the sofa, and the ancestors who walked these paths before you, for example--then a whole LOT of beings love you and wish you the best. Despite what fear tells us sometimes.  

Ingredients: Whidbey-grown calendula flowers (ours), lilac flowers (from trusted neighbors and friends), and wild rugosa or Nootka rose petals (ethically gathered on well-loved and trusted land) and sometimes also neighbor-gifted climbing roses at the peak of blooming (we only accept gifts from friends who use no poisons on the land) infused in an organic/trusted non-organic olive oil blend, plus organic coconut oil, shea butter, local beeswax (from the peninsula), plus two drops of Now Rose Absolute essential oil (rose essential oil in jojoba oil). A few dried local rose petals, calendula petals, and lilac flowers are dropped across the top of the bar and into the tin as well. Because they're so lovely, and we want you to be enticed to spend more time with the land and plants, and because small-batch local makers leaning gently on the land can do amazing things. Yay! 

Size: The bars are usually 2.2 to 2.3 ounces and always at least 2 ounces. Hand made and hand poured, so they vary a tiny bit.

Packaging: We're being as environmentally conscious as we can think to be. At the moment, we package lotion bars in a reusable, food-grade gold tin with a slip-on cover and paper label on top and bottom. See the Packaging page of this website for details.

Notice for people who live in warmer climates: These bars were made for locals and formulated for the Pacific Northwest in the U.S. They begin to melt at body temperature. If you live in a place substantially warmer than here (where summer temps are usually around 70-75 degrees F), you may find them too melt-y for your taste. Also, if we ship them to you during warm months, watch for them and get them out of your warm mailbox or out of the box on your warm front porch ASAP or you'll have a lotion puddle not a lotion bar.

Medical Disclaimer: The information on this page is for general reference for further exploration and study. It is not intended as a replacement for professional medical advice. See the Medical Disclaimer page of this website for more details. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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