Whidbey Forest Kiss lip balm

by Silly Dog Studios


These lip balms hold Whidbey windfall Douglas fir branches (traditionally used for skin soothing, antimicrobial, uplifting us emotionally and helping us feel welcome on earth), lemon balm (traditionally used because emotionally soothing, anti-viral, helps some folks with cold sores), plantain seed (our beautiful, beloved, forest and field dwelling, skin-healing support "weed"), and local cottonwood bud infused oil (traditionally used for skin healing and connecting to the land and each other plus smells great and prolongs the life of the balm), and local beeswax, organic olive oil and Shea butter, which are all traditionally skin soothing as well. This nourishing, softening lip balm is a celebration of local trees and forest's edge plants. No essential oils--just the natural scent of the tree branches, buds, and plants infused into organic olive oil, so the balm is gentle, nourishing, maybe even a bit comforting. And nothing else.

And, as with all new products, you should still start slow and make sure you/your family’s bodies like the plants in this balm. Discontinue use if your body isn’t happy. There is one drop of castor oil per tin of lip balm to make it silky smooth and even more softening. In very high doses, castor oil can be used a laxative, so please don’t sit down and eat dozens of tins of lip balm. Come to think of it, don’t eat even one tin of lip balm. The balm is for your lips not your belly. Please share this tip with children if the lip balm is shared with children.

Ingredients: Ethically wild-gathered local windfall Douglas fir branches and native black cottonwood buds, plantain leaves, and lemon balm leaves and soft upper stems infused into organic extra virgin olive oil, plus local beeswax, Shea butter, and one drop of organic castor oil per tin. 

Size and packaging: Lip balm is in a one-ounce reusable, food grade, round silver metal tin with a twist-off top. See our Packaging page for more details. The twist-off tops were chosen (instead of pull-straight-off tops) because if you accidentally forget them in your purse in a hot car, and the balm melts, the twist off tops help keep the balm in the container better. 

Medical Disclaimer: Western medicine advises that people with low thyroid disease not over-indulge in too much lemon balm. I have low thyroid disease and have no problem drinking lemon balm in tea and using this lip balm regularly--but that's me, not you. You may be different. The information on this page is for general reference for further exploration and study. It is not intended as a replacement for professional medical advice. See the Medical Disclaimer page of this website for more details. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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