Moon Blessings & New Beginnings soap

by Ritual Mischief


Do you have ancestors who danced beneath flowering trees in the springtime or willow trees in the moonlight? If not, consider becoming that ancestor. 😊 These summer seasonal soaps hold moon blessings from the willow and jasmine, new beginnings blessings from the plum blossoms, and you’ve-got-this blessings from the women who gather beloved plants and make the soaps--we know how rocky transitions and new beginnings can be, especially in the moments when we try to handle them alone. This soap is creamy and smells wonderful. Gentle enough for the face and strong enough for hands and whole bodies. They are a special-occasion or survive-this-life-transition treat for yourself or someone you love.

There’s deep beauty and magic in the world. Now and then we get to be fully aware of their presence. These soaps are a gift from the generous world of trees and flowers and moonlight and ancestors. They hold pink plum blossoms gathered in the early spring from our old plum trees, and nearby native or weeping willow branches from trees we love, and jasmine essential oil (which we never use because it’s rare and expensive but wow do we love it for a special occasion now and then such as this).

Storage and life of the bar: To extend the life of the bar, store it where it can dry quickly after use and where it doesn't get regular water spray. Setting it on a folded washcloth or beautiful soap rest is a great idea.

Size: The bars are roughly 4 ounces. They're made by hand in small batches and hand cut by cool women, not machines. This means most 4-ounce bars are 4 ounces but they can range from 3.9 to 4.5 ounces. We're not machines, people, nor do we want to be. :-) We keep anything smaller than that for ourselves and our families, to give as gifts at our makers markets and to neighbors in need and to the amazing humans who help less fortunate neighoors on Whidbey, and to give away as surprises and free samples for people who buy our products. 

Ingredients: Whidbey plum blossoms and willow branches slow-infused into an olive oil/organic olive oil blend, plus organic coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, kaolin and rose clay, jasmine essential oil.

Packaging: See the Packaging page for details.

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