Whidbey Fresh Western Red Cedar closet bags

by Silly Dog Studios


I gather windfall Western red cedar branches off nearby forest floors after fall and winter windstorms here on Whidbey. Just a few, from here or there, not too many. I don’t cut standing trees for my work, since I am a wanderer here and not of the People of the Cedar, except in spirit. And this year, cedar branches also came to us as gifts from friends Anne, Robin, and David who had to trim some branches for the sake of tree health/other plant health and to be able to access a drain field. Nobody around us here wants to see a single branch or needle of tree energy and medicine wasted. Tree-loving people are so lovely! Out of these impulses, our Whidbey Fresh Western Red Cedar closet bags were born. In the fall when extra branches tend to show up, we sit down as a family and fill 50 of these lovely cotton drawstring bags with cut up fresh cedar branches, twigs, and sprays.

Size: These are considerably bigger than a standard drawer sachet. They weigh between 3 and 5 ounces each (they start around 5 and shrink to 3 to 4 ounces as they fully dry). Physical size-wise, they are similar in size to a pint canning jar or pint beer glass.

Ideas for use:

  • Set or hang them in a bedroom closet, linen closet, or entry way closet.
  • Stuff them into a stinky gym bag or into stinky shoes for a few days.
  • Set them on a high shelf (away from pets and young kids who might want to open them and make a mess) in a place that regularly gets smelly, such as a mud room, laundry room, or the area that contains litter boxes or pet food bowls.
  • Gifts! Pair them with our Lavender, Lemon Balm, and Spearmint drawer sachets for a lovely Yay-Drawers-&-Closets! gift. Or, if they just love conifers, you could pair these cedar closet bags with our Forest Bathing soap, Whidbey Green Gardener's hand soap, or our Whidbey Douglas Fir lotion bar, body oil, or salve. Here we LOVE conifers so much that 10 of them sit on our board of directors.

Depending on your climate and how you use them, they should last as is for one to two years. When you squeeze them and can no longer smell cedar at all, the sprays have completely dried, although the twigs and branches last even longer. You can empty the drawstring bag of the spent cedar sprays at that point (I suggest wearing gloves as dry cedar bits can hurt fingers), and add more cedar twigs and sprays or reuse the bag for something else. If you’re on Whidbey, you can return the bag to my herbal studio in the late fall and winter, and I’ll refill it for half price if we have fresh branches available.

Note: These aren't child proof or puppy/dog proof. They can easily be untied so that you can add more cedar or other dried herbs or plants to them as you wish. Keep these out of reach of young children, because the scaly fresh cedar sprays can cause slivers in fingers, and puppies can make a total mess with them (says Cora, the too-smart Australian Shepard puppy, who opened one all over the couch behind my back). Cora the product tester is so dang helpful.

More uses: If you are drawn to Western Red cedar—considered the tree of life by many in the bioregion here—start to learn more about them. Here’s where the rest of our gathered and gifted branches ended up for us this year... Some of the branches became cedar-infused olive oil and ended up in our Forest Bathing soap, Whidbey Green Gardener's soap, Rage Support lotion bar, and Better Boundaries balm. Some branches were turned into holiday wreaths and used to raise money for Canoe Journey Herbalists and Whidbey Homeless Coalition during our winter holidays pop-up market. Thank you Western red cedar!

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