May the Fourth Be With You gift set (balm + soap)

by Silly Dog Studios


This gift set for plant-loving earthlings and SciFi fans includes one Moment of Wonder cuticle balm and one Rest soap (our best-selling soap--we earthlings are tired). If you're not huge Science Fiction nerds like us, you may not know that May 4th is an unofficial holiday celebrating the Star Wars movies and characters from across the past five decades. May the Fourth Be With You--a play on the generous ritual leave-taking phrase "May the force be with you." from the movies. In our home, SciFi Friday is a ritual we've treasured for decades. Even the dogs, cats, and trees here enjoy it.

Use this gift set on a night that you can go outside, breathe deep, look up, and see or imagine the stars. Use this gift set on a night that you need to rest deeply and well--first--before you try to imagine something different and better for yourself and your loved ones.

To use: 1. Sit beneath a dark and starry night sky (or sit down, shut your eyes, and imagine a velvet-black night sky filled with bright and vivid stars). 2. Look up into that sky, take a deep breath, rest a moment, and just wonder. Wonder. 3. What did you wonder? Say it out loud. "I wonder __________________." Profound or silly or sad or inspiring: it doesn't matter what you wonder here. It's the wondering openly that matters. 4. With clean fingers, rub a little of the Moment of Wonder cuticle balm into your cuticles, fingers, or the palms of your hands. The plants in this balm are big fans of humanity and you're holding them in the palm of your hands. Have an imaginary light-saber battle with an enemy, real or imagined, like the star that you are. 5. When you go back inside (or open your eyes), take the You who breathes deeply, rests, wonders, and cares about tiny little things back inside with you. 6. Use the Rest soap to wash your face and/or body before you go to bed. Breathe deeply. These plants love you. Notice that. Don't miss noticing, my sweet, sweet SciFi nerds. May the fourth be with you.

Product details  

Cuticle balm ingredients (in a 2-ounce food-safe reusable metal tin): Whidbey-grown lavender and rosemary (grown here at Silly Dog Studios), Whidbey windfall usnea lichen (gathered on loved and trusted land), and oatstraw from Mountain Rose Herbs (because I didn't get my own planted last year) infused in organic extra virgin olive oil for 6 weeks to 4 months depending on the plant/lichen, plus local beeswax, and two drops per tin of lavender essential oil from Lavender Wind Farm on Whidbey.

Soap ingredients (4-ounce bar in a compostable paper bag with compostable paper label): Whidbey-grown (at Silly Dog Studios) lavender, chamomile, and catmint infused in organic extra virgin olive oil, shea butter, organic coconut oil, castor oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, purple clay, activated charcoal, and lavender and chamomile essential oils.

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