Lymphatic System Support set (balm + soap)

by Silly Dog Studios


This set includes:

  • One Lymphatic Support Rub balm for self-massage. It holds locally grown and ethically gathered cleavers, calendula flowers, white pine, burdock root, and dandelion flowers infused into organic olive oil, a little local beeswax, and just a couple of drops of sweet orange essential oil.
  • One Lymphatic System Support soap. This bar holds our locally grown and ethically gathered calendula flowers (three ways--infused into olive oil, in tea, and dried & ground), burdock root, and chickweed, plus some orange and geranium essential oils. It smells SOOO good!  

You can also opt to buy the items individually as you check out. If you want to buy just one--and not the set--my vote is for the rub, since we made the soap to accompany the rub, and the soap will work best in combination with the rub. Then again, the soap smells amazing. :-) 

These offerings were created for other folks like me: for people who've talked to their doctors and local wise women and learned that their stagnant lymphatic system could use a little help getting moving again after a long, somewhat sedentary, period (for me, that's the coldest months of winter). Thanks to all the rituals I have in place for late winter now, I haven't needed a professional lymphatic massage in almost three years. Yay! These offerings are part of my late winter rituals now, too.

Important: Formulated for adults, not children. Do not use for children. Also, there are just two drops per tin (less than .5%) of sweet orange essential oil in the rub, so light photosensitivity shouldn't be an issue. If you have concerns about light photosensitivity, use the rub before bedtime or avoid getting sunshine on the spot you use the rub for 10 hours after use.

Suggestions for use: I've learned that stagnant lymphatic system trouble spots often include the jaw and side of face (that's me!), neck, and also armpits. When I get these periodic late winter stagnation flare ups, I start with the balm and rub a little bit of it in small, gentle circles into and around the area that's sore. I do this once or twice a day for a 2 or 3 days. Then, when I shower, I use this soap to give a little extra love to the same spots, only this time the hot water is helping, too. Avoid getting both the rub and the soap in your eyes. 

Personally, I also do other things that our doctors have recommended (exercising more and eating foods that support a healthy lymph system) and that wise older women around here recommend (yoga poses, dry brushing skin, hot and cold showers, and marching with knees high and swinging arms around the house) and other herbalists taught me (drinking cleavers cold infusions--yum!). Yes, I like to throw a bit of everything at it. I am not a fan of lymph stagnation pain. 😊

Always see your healthcare professional if pain persists, precious person!!!

My story: For the past few years (menopause years for me), every late winter into early spring (February and March, and sometimes April) I have an area on the right side of my face and jaw that gets sore and a little swollen. After many talks with local wise women, our doctor, our dentist, and the plants here, I've learned that what I have after our cold, gray (and for me, much more sedentary) winters is a stagnant lymphatic system--a thing not so uncommon as people age, as it turns out. Who knew?

So many tricks I've learned along the way! Drinking more water. Getting outside and walking more (gray and rain be damned!) ;-) Dry skin brushing. Hot and cold showers. Yoga poses/stretching more. Marching around the house with knees up high like I'm in a marching band. Get that lymph system moving! And my favorite during the cold of winter: professional lymphatic massage! Ah, the decadence of that! And. We're small-business people, in a country where health care and health maintenance costs a small freaking fortune, so I can't always afford the totally-worth-it-yet-super-high-priced lymphatic massage experts in our area. And I definitely can't afford a sauna or swimming pool in the cold winter months, which I know would likely help too. So, what's a gal to do? Ah yes. Self-massage!!

Rub ingredients (2 ounce size): Locally grown and ethically gathered cleavers, calendula flowers, white pine, burdock root, and dandelion flowers infused into organic extra virgin olive oil, plus a little local beeswax, and a couple drops per tin of sweet orange essential oil.

Soap ingredients (4 ounce size): Locally grown and ethically gathered calendula flowers, burdock root, and chick weed infused into organic extra virgin olive oil, plus coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, calendula tea, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, dried & ground calendula flowers, a pinch of kaolin clay, and orange and geranium essential oils.

Storage and life of the soap bar: To extend the life of the bar, store it where it can dry quickly after use and where it doesn't get regular spray from a faucet. Placing the bar on a soap holder or on a folded up wash cloth are both lovely ideas.

Storage and life of the rub: Store the rub in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. It will last at least 18 months from purchase. After that point, when it smells less lovely than it once did, it's time for the rub to go. The tin can be cleaned out and reused.

Packaging: The rub is in a silver metal food-safe and reusable tin. The soap is wrapped in a small piece of compostable food-safe paper with paper label to ensure safe handling. If you would prefer no packaging at all, just put that in the comments field when you order (or tell me in person if you're at my studio), and you'll get them bare naked! If you live off island and we ship them to you, they will still need to show up in a (made-from-recycled-materials) cardboard box. We're magic, but not that magic. Yet. :-)

Medical Disclaimer: The information on this page is for general reference for further exploration and study. It is not intended as a replacement for professional medical advice. I'm an herbalist, trained in the Wise Woman tradition, who leans on ever-deepening relationships with local forests and plants and herbs and flowers and lichen, local wise women, ancestors (my own and others), other herbalists, and learning traditional folk ways from people who love to share them, every chance I get. I intentionally study forests and plants directly, plus community wellness and connectedness and resilience, self-organizing groups, playfulness and deep fun, and life as experienced by those with different ancestors than my own. I am interested in deepening relationships with the plant world and the emotional support offered by the plants and trees around and closest to us. I make these offerings to support human friends in reconnecting with the trees and plants near them and to help them as they deepen relationships with these wise and often leafy community members that so many in my own culture can no longer even see, let alone lean on for support. I believe these things are what we need to learn more about or become better at right now. I don't study illness and disease, I'm not a medical doctor or a scientist (my masters and doctorate degrees are in learning and education), and I've also never been pregnant.

So, please, to make well-informed decisions for yourself, seek the guidance of your qualified health professional, such your medical doctor, nurse practitioner, naturopathic physician, and/or clinical herbalist with questions regarding your medical conditions, dosage information, and possible interactions with prescription drugs. This is especially important if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking prescription drugs, have a chronic disease or any chronic concern, have allergies, or if you are using this product with young children. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

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