Lemon Verbena, Orange & Lemons dish bar

by Ritual Mischief

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We make these dish soap bars with our own garden lemon verbena plus orange peel we dried and grated ourselves plus Valencia orange and lemon essential oils. These bars make doing dishes a joy. Maybe not always a joy, but they definitely make it feel like less of a chore and more of a relaxing, self-care ritual. Lean on the plants within them to notice who and what you’re grateful for in our often-too-busy world. Plus, using them means removing yet another single-use plastic container from your daily life. Yay!

These work best in combination with a dishcloth, loofah, or other dish scrubby thing. The bars aren't as bubbly as commercial dish liquids, so you'll need to adjust your expectations about that. And, they smell great and clean really well.  

Storage and life of the bar: To extend the life of the bar, store it where it can dry quickly after use and where it doesn't get regular spray from the faucet. We store ours on a draining dish beside the sink. My own trick is storing it standing on one of its edges. It makes it easier to get off the dish where it lives after it dries. 

Size: Large bars are roughly 4 ounces. These are made by hand in small batches and hand cut by cool women, not machines. This means bars can vary a tiny bit. We keep anything smaller than 3.8 oz for ourselves and our families, to give away as free samples to people who order from us, and to give as gifts to neighbors in need (last year it was soaps to a local homeless shelter and to healthcare frontline staff at my mom's memory care home). We're not machines, people, nor do we want to be. :-) 

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil, Whidbey lemon verbena infused into organic extra virgin olive oil, hand dried and grated orange zest, sodium hydroxide, Valencia orange and lemon essential oils.

Gratitude: Deep bow to citrus trees, and sunshine, and mother earth, and every single human who loves, grows, picks, selects, and moves citrus up the coast to Washington state so we can enjoy and use these lemons and oranges. I've tried and failed--three times--to grow my own hardy citrus trees here in western Washington. Some day we’ll have a wee green house where I will have the right environment and will get my own tree to thrive and grow! :-) 

Packaging: See the Packaging page for details. If you would prefer no packaging at all, just put that in the Comments field when you order, and you'll receive them bare naked! 

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