Gardeners Gift set (gardeners' hand soaps + balm + oil)

by Silly Dog Studios


I've been thinking about gardeners' hands this year. I started when my own hard-working hands were drying out more than usual while I was out in the cold early spring gathering windfall branches, buds, and spring "weeds" (my favorites) for salads and infused-oil making, plus building new raised beds, moving soil into the new beds, and then planting hardy herbs into them while it was still quite cold. My fingers became rougher, drier, and with more painful hangnails than ever before. What's a gal to do?! Well, this gal spoke with the plants to see who was up for helping rough human hands, made a few things to take care of her own hands and her sweetie's hands (and asking Gina to help make the soap, as always), and then we made extra for other gardeners in our communities and families. So, here's our Gardeners Gift set:

  • Two Whidbey Green Gardeners soaps, large 4-ounce bars that contain windfall Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar branches infused in organic olive oil, plus ground comfrey leaves and flowers, kale, and usnea lichen (all from Whidbey), plus a little lavender essential oil.
  • A balm for rough gardener's hands. As you order, you can choose any simple salve. Your choices are those I consider our best salves for really rough, dry, over-worked and scraped up gardener's hands: 1) Comfrey leaf simple salve (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT), 2) Lavender simple salve (CURRENTLY SOLD OUT), or 3) Dandelion Flower simple salve. You could also try 4) Nettle simple salve if sore and aching fingers and wrists are a bigger problem for you than rough, dry skin or 5) Douglas fir simple salve if a stressed mind and sore muscles are where you're at.
  • Douglas Fir body oil. We rub this oil into our sore necks, shoulders, knees, wrists, elbows, lower backs, and feet when our muscles ache. Which, now that we're 51, seems to be both after actual gardening and sometimes even just thinking about gardening for too long. ;-) The scent relaxes our spinning, worrying minds, too, if gardening didn't fully take care of that already. 

As a gift set, the products will be tucked into a Silly Dog Studios gift bag as a gift for you or someone you love. Purchasing this $35 set saves you $8.00 compared to buying the products separately. 

P.S. This set is called Gardeners Gift set because I myself have been gardening gleefully, and like a wild person, lately and my hands and muscles needed a little extra love. This set could work well for anyone who physically uses, and sometimes over-works, their hands. For example, for farmers, landscapers, builders, herbalists, laborers, fisher people, plant nursery and public garden and parks department workers, wood choppers, snow shovellers, janitors, dog walkers, pool cleaners, restaurant workers, caregivers, nurses, rock climbers, wood workers, makers, etc. Yay hands! 

Product details...

Storage and life of the products: To extend the life of the soap bars, store them where they can dry quickly after use and where they don't get regular spray from the faucet. Unused, soap bars will last a very long time, likely longer than you and me. Store the salve and the oil in a cool, dark place and away from direct sunlight. Use the oil within 18 months of purchase and the salve within two years of purchase.

Size of soap bars: Large, roughly 4 ounce, bars. These are made by hand in small batches and hand cut by cool women, not machines. This means most bars are 4 ounces and that the bars can range from 3.8 ounces to 4.7 ounces, most are 4 or more. We keep anything smaller than that for ourselves and our families, and to give as gifts to neighbors in need (last year it was soaps to a local homeless shelter and to frontline healthcare workers at my mom's memory care home), and to cut up and give as free surprises and samples to those who buy our products. We're not machines, people, nor do we want to be. :-) 

Ingredients in Whidbey Green Gardeners soap: Windfall Whidbey Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar branches infused into organic extra virgin olive oil, plus coconut oil, castor oil, sustainably sourced palm oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, ground Whidbey-grown kale, cultivated comfrey leaves and flowers, and windfall usnea lichen, and a cedar-fir-lavender-patchouli essential oil blend.

Ingredients in the Douglas Fir body oil (2 ounce bottle): Windfall Douglas Fir tree branches and needles (gathered after storms here on Whidbey) infused into organic extra virgin olive oil for at least eight weeks.

Ingredients in the simple salves (2 ounce tin): All of our simple salves contain organic olive oil and beeswax. And, depending on which salve you choose for this gift set, it will also contain either dandelion flowers, lavender, comfrey leaf and flower, nettles, or Douglas fir branches infused into the olive oil for 6 weeks to 2 months, depending on the plant, and then strained out of the oil. The lavender salve also contains a few drops of lavender essential oil, so it smells more strongly of lavender. The others contain no essential oils and are unscented except for the natural scents of the plants, beeswax, and olive oil. 

Note: My specialty is working slowly, carefully (full of care, not worry), and in step with the local plants and wise women here--listening to them and the ideas they inspire as I go--and then infusing loved, trusted, local, abundant, non-endangered Whidbey-grown plants, flowers, herbs, tree branches, and lichens (either from here at Silly Dog Studios or ethically wild gathered nearby on friends' lands and from areas on Whidbey where no spraying of poisons happens) into organic olive oil. These infused oils serve as the base for most of our products.

Packaging: Our salves and balms come in metal, screw top, reusable tins. This body oil comes in a reusable, amber glass bottle with pump-top lid. At the moment we wrap our soaps and shampoo bars in a small piece of food-safe parchment paper to ensure safe handling. If you'd prefer no packaging at all for the soaps, you can write that in the comments field when you order, and you'll get them bare naked! If you live off island and we ship them to you, they will still need to show up in a box. We're magic, but not that magic. Yet. :-) 

Shipping & Pick Up

We ship via U.S. Postal Service. Viva la public services! Whidbey Island friends, save on shipping by picking up orders at Silly Dog Studios on the west edge of Langley. Choose the Pick up delivery method at checkout if you intend to pick up your order, and we'll email or text you when it's ready and then arrange a convenient pick-up time for you.


If you order a product that doesn't work you, we will refund your money for up to 15 days after you received it. Proof of purchase required.

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