Whidbey Douglas Fir simple salve

by Silly Dog Studios

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We know from personal experience here on South Whidbey that the scent and being in the presence of Douglas Fir calms the mind and eases tension and stress. We use this salve to feel more connected to where we live. It's hard to explain--it makes me feel like I belong and that I am welcome right where I am (sounds woo woo, yes, and it's just my truth). We use it for sore muscles, too. Our friends use this salve to ease sore and aching muscles, help with headaches, to relax, meditate, rest, feel grounded, and to feel less homesick when away from the woods or when away from Whidbey Island or to imagine that they are camping when they're trapped in a meeting or somewhere else they'd rather not be. One friend uses it to ease athlete’s foot. Douglas Fir tends to love everyone, but remember, if your body doesn't like a salve, stop using it!

Ten Douglas Fir trees live on the land here at Silly Dog Studios. I listen to them daily—so often, that in 2018 we asked them to be on our board of directors. We’ve been making better decisions ever since! To connect more deeply with Douglas Fir, if you're lucky enough to live near them, you could go for a walk in the woods and try to find Douglas Fir using the "little mouse tails escaping into the cone" look of their cones. Sit against the trunk and breathe deeply for a while. Or, you could start here http://www.crowsdaughter.com/douglas-fir-vinegar-the-messy-kitchen-table-method/. Or you could even just search for Douglas Fir recipes online. You'll find that fir tips make a delicious, citrusy tea, tasty cocktails (we infuse them into gin to make our gin "even more gin-y,"), and even great holiday cookies! Just make sure you listen to the tree, don't take to much, and talk to a local wise woman, herbalist, or tree expert to ensure you have the right tree.  

Size/container: Reusable 2-ounce, screw-top tin.

Ingredients: Whidbey storm-fallen Douglas Fir branches (from Silly Dog Studios & walks in neighboring woods) infused into organic extra virgin olive oil for 6 weeks to 3 months, beeswax.

Medical Disclaimer: This information is for general reference for further exploration. It is not a replacement for professional medical advice. Seek the guidance of your qualified health professional, such a medical doctor, naturopathic physician, or clinical herbalist with questions regarding medical conditions, dosage information, or possible interactions with prescription drugs. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you hold the world in your belly and hands, so please do additional research to make sure all products you use are safe and listen extra carefully to the wise women and the medical professionals in your life!

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