The Radiance of Playful People shampoo bar

by Ritual Mischief

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This one is now on sale because we're discontinuing it in 2024. Not because we don't love it. Just because its scent is subtle, and the other, stronger-scented shampoo bars are more popular.

Our Radiance of Playful People shampoo bar was made to celebrate our community here on Whidbey. The bars hold our own nasturtium and rosemary plus comforting wild rose hips ethically gathered on friends' nearby trusted land infused into organic olive oil to support you in loving life and your hair. These bars, in particular, are a tribute to my total bas ass, powerful, kind, funny, outspoken, and lovely friends and elders here on Whidbey: people who show up fully in person--inviting others to do the same--to comfort and support each other and to create change within themselves that then ripples out into the community and larger world. I think they work well for normal hair (whatever that means to you), brittle hair, and gray hair, but lots of people love them, so dig deeper into the plants and see if you think this bar would be right for you. They contain rosemary, which can support overall scalp health and dandruff relief. They contain wild rose hips, which help me with grief and feeling welcome on earth (and make my hair feel silky smooth). The bars are very lightly scented with rose, geranium, and rosemary, and out of all our scented shampoo bars, they have the lightest scent (if you're looking for just a hint of scent). Store them well and they'll last considerably longer than a bottle of shampoo. These bars can also be used as body soap.

We started making shampoo bars because we were trying to do our part in reducing our use of plastic, and we started selling them in 2019 because neighbors on Whidbey started asking for them. It felt odd, at first, to use a bar instead of a bottle of liquid to shampoo with, and personally it took me three showers using the shampoo bars before I fell in love--and then I fell in love hard because my frizzy hair became more manageable and I'd finally figured out how much lather works for me. Now I love them and can’t imagine going back to a bottle. 

To use: Depending on your preference, you can rub the shampoo bar between your hands until you get enough lather and then shampoo like normal. Or, you can rub the bar directly onto your head until you get enough lather, then shampoo like normal. So simple! Hello to being loved more deeply by local plants! Goodbye plastic!

Storage and life of the bar: Store the bar where it can dry quickly and store as far away from the shower or bath faucet/downpour of water as you can. How long your bar lasts also depends on factors such as how much lather you need/like, how long and thick your hair is, how often you wash your hair, and if you use the bar as body soap too or just to shampoo with. If you store it away from a direct downpour of shower or bath water, the bar should last longer than a standard size bottle of shampoo. I've had one bar last a year, but I only shampoo once a week, I have short hair, and I use our other soap bars as my body soap. My sister--who has long hair and washes it every day--uses several bars a year.

Size: Roughly 4-ounce bars. These are made by hand in small batches and hand cut by cool women, not machines. We keep anything cut smaller than 3.9 ounces for ourselves and our families and to give as gifts to neighbors in need. We're not machines, people, nor do we want to be. :-) 

Ingredients: Whidbey nasturtiums and rosemary (grown here at Silly Dog Studios where no poison spraying happens) and wild rosehips (grown on friends' land where no spraying happens) infused into organic extra virgin olive oil, plus organic coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, sodium lactate, rose & rose geranium & rosemary essential oils, tiny pinch of red clay to color the bar (not hair).

Packaging: See the Packaging page for details. If you would prefer no packaging at all, just put that in the Comments field when you order, and you'll receive them bare naked!

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